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Top payroll challenges + how to find solutions for your office

9月4日,2018年10:00:00 AM /约翰·杜瓦尔(John Duval)


全国薪水周快乐!整个星期,我们都在庆祝我们心爱的薪资专业人士,他们每月提供薪水。根据nationalpayrollweek.com,,,,“Together through payroll withholding, we contribute, collect, report, and deposit 70% of the U.S. Treasury's annual revenue, about 2.4 trillion per year.”

在我们感谢全国各地的薪资专业人士时,我们还希望引起人们的关注,以了解2018年和来年的一些挑战和趋势。在美国工资协会的年度国会上,彭博税花了一点时间采访APA总裁,约翰·拉古兹(John Raguz),CPP。以下是他期望明年薪资行业面临的一些挑战和趋势:


Legislative change

We’ve already seen a lot of change under the current administration, and the upcoming elections in November will be telling for what changes may come and how they'll impact payroll. According to its regulatory agenda, the Department of Labor (DOL) will be taking a closer look at Wage and Hour and “regular rate” of pay. The results will certainly impact payroll professionals, particularly in the way overtime pay is calculated.


工资单professionals are no strangers to dealing with sensitive information. However, according to Raguz, companies should be concerned with limiting access to this data outside the payroll department. The way this data is handled not only affects the payroll department and your employees, it affects the brand image of the entire company. Payroll professionals will be held to high standards to protect sensitive employee information.


“It’s not just the data we have, but how we use that data.” You’ve probably heard a fellow payroll professional ask, “What is our scorecard?” But Raguz challenges payroll departments to take it one step further: “How do we use that information to make our company better?”

工资单trends in 2018 and 2019

Raguz also identified a top trend in payroll:




Additional payroll challenges

We’ve looked at high-level payroll challenges from an industry perspective, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Let’s take a look at some everyday issues a payroll professional faces, along with some practical solutions.


根据TMF Group’s Annual Global Payroll Survey,,,,the top three challenges payroll professional face include:


Compliance is easily one of the biggest challenges HR and payroll professionals face. Not only can legislation be complex and difficult to understand, but with changing administrations comes regulatory changes that make it even more difficult to maintain compliance in the workplace. Not to mention the usually giant price tag attached to noncompliance—something no business wants to affect bottom line.


While we’re not lawyers accredited to give legal advice, we do strive to keep our readers educated on regulatory laws and changes.Keep up with our HR and Payroll Blogandget updates from our Compliance Trackerto avoid getting overwhelmed by all the information and legalese out there.

We do our best to unpack the complicated legal jargon and re-package it in a way that’s easy to understand so you can get back to supporting the humans of your organization. Whether you’re managing compliance forFLSA,,,,ACA,,,,FMLA,或任何其他监管汤的成员laws in the workplace,知道我们致力于使您了解并帮助您成功地为组织取得成功的合规性。



  • 无法访问的帐户经理
  • Slow and inefficient problem escalation procedures
  • Lack of coordination of deliverables across multiple contracts


那里有很多公司承诺一流的客户服务,但是在将您锁定合同之后,他们并不总是会兑现这些承诺。在与工资单供应商合作之前,请花点时间学习他们的产品和read reviews from actual customers。They’re payroll professionals just like you who can speak from their own experiences on the good, the bad, and the ugly (or the awesome) of payroll services.

Never underestimate the value of support. You may be impressed by a flashy product or special deal, but when you’re in the weeds of your day-to-day payroll duties, think about what matters most: being able to accomplish what you need to accomplish on time and with ease. Work with a vendor who can not only offer a helpful product but also act as an extension of your own team.

你不想成为stuck with an automated recording或机器人在事情变得艰难时为您提供帮助。您需要一个供应商可以offer you real support谁知道并了解您的公司结构。想象一下,您的帐户一生中与同一支持人员或客户经理一起工作,首先是在第一天使用新软件加入公司。这是供应商管理的挑战,并将其变成collaboration between teams


根据调查回答,接受调查的10个薪资专业人员中有7个报告说在政策和流程方面存在差距。政策和流程之间缺乏一致性可能会花费您的商业时间和金钱。实施正确的控制措施可以帮助薪资经理在这两个领域之间找到一致性。这对于在多个州或国家 /地区运营的组织尤其重要。工资策略不是一定程度的,因此您需要确保您努力保持跨办公室的一致性。


在我们的Guide to Saving Time on Payroll,学习有效管理工资单的方法,而无需让它度过一天。获取节省时间的资源,实践和工具,以帮助您更好,更快地管理工资单。


So Many Laws. So Little Time.


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